Hi, I'm

Jay Williams

Who am I?

I'm 16 years old, and I live in Birmingham, UK. In my free time I travel with my family, play games with my friends and watch Youtube videos.

What do I do?

I'm a developer and all-round techy who likes to make and break things. I enjoy working with JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, and Java/Kotlin, along with managing a Proxmox installation to host my projects & infrastructure, including an Active Directory test environment, a Rancher cluster, and a Grafana / InfluxDB / Loki stack to manage monitoring and logging.

I currently work for Pebblehost as a Level 4 Support Operator, where I help clients with technical & billing related issues, alongside working with others on the team to develop a new gamepanel that allows clients to more easily manage their services.

My work

I love writing code to simplify my everyday life. I've written an Android Wear app to manage my school timetable, a repository of scripts to manage and monitor my dedicated server, and a simple panel to manage deploying virtual machines onto my Proxmox node.